Brian Rayner
Director, DBR Consulting Ltd

Brian is a Director and Partner of DBR Consulting Ltd. In this role he has managed and implemented several large projects in the electricity industry involving business process design, asset management systems, risk management processes and systems, and the design and development of systems for mass-market electricity settlement.
Prior to joining DBR, Brian served as Information Technology Manager for WEL Networks Ltd, where he was Executive Manager responsible for Information Technology Planning, IT architecture, systems integration, and applications development. During his 8 years at WEL Brian was responsible for the conception, development and commercialisation of business software packages as well as overseeing the management of 24x7 computer operations. He was also involved in the implementation and support of WEL's JDEdwards ERP system.
Brian moved to WEL from Telecom New Zealand where he filled a number of roles over 23 years. These include business process planning and design for Network Management and Maintenance, business requirements analysis and development of specifications for computer applications, operations analysis and work-force sizing, as well as roles in computer systems design and implementation, management of national IT operations and call centre, business planning, 24x7 network management, maintenance, construction, and operations of Telecom's core network

Diane Rayner
Director, DBR Consulting Ltd
Diane is a Director and Partner of DBR Consulting Ltd. Prior to joining DBR, Diane served as General Manager Customer Services for WEL Energy Ltd, where she was Executive Manager responsible for customer services billing, call centre operation, credit control, and revenue protection.
At DBR Consulting, Diane has managed projects for at least seven major companies in the New Zealand energy sector. She has successfully delivered solutions for change management, customer services billing, credit control, call centre, business management mentoring, and management of business transformation projects. The majority of these projects have arisen through the government's reform of the electricity industry, and have required close attention to regulatory compliance issues.
Diane's contracts have involved process review, analysis and recommendations for business improvement, establishment of key performance indicators and service level agreements for customer services and billing processes, and training needs analysis.
Diane was Project Manager for 4 major projects for one of New Zealand 's major electricity retailers.
These projects involved managing multi-disciplinary teams of seconded staff and contractors, participating in a Steering Committee comprising representatives from all electricity retailers, obtaining ISO accreditation for the company's business processes, and managing the identification and acquisition of new software tools through RFI and RFP processes.
Major projects managed were:
Regulatory Compliance Project - to refine customer service and billing systems and processes to ensure compliance with Industry regulations.
Customer Registry Project - national project involving all electricity retailers, designed to improve customer switching and correct historical data, by defining and refining processes and specifying changes to support systems.
ISO 9000:2000 Certification - Industry regulations required ISO certification of the data handling elements of the customer switching and electricity billing processes. This project not only required the documentation of the business processes, but also the  implementation of a quality management system. Subsequent to the successful completion of the project, Diane performed the ongoing ISO process quality audits, as she is a qualified and experienced ISO Process Quality Auditor.
Most recently Diane spent 6 months in the Telecommunications industry in a Transition Management role. The objectives were to manage and transform an operational team in the Network Operations Centre. They key goal was to evolve and develop the business process and capability (people and systems) to ensure that service level agreements and associated performance levels were met.

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